J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Committee
PO Box 220, Los Alamos, NM 87544

Event Speaker Date Link
Lecture: It’s All Downhill: A Brief History of Skiing at Los Alamos
George Lawrence, Past President, Los Alamos Ski Club October 2, 2023 video
Lecture: Fifty (Well, Maybe Two) Shades of Grey: Nuance in the Relationship Between Lewis Strauss and J. Robert Oppenheimer Jack Shlachter, Rabbi, HaMakom and Los Alamos Jewish Center July 10, 2023 video
50th Oppenheimer Memorial Lecture: Printing Soft Objects and Functional Tissues Jennifer Lewis, Jianming Yu Professor of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University. June 19, 2023 video
49th Oppenheimer Memorial Lecture: Black Holes: from Oppenheimer’s Ideas to the First Direct Images Feryal Özel, Professor and Chair, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology August 12, 2022 video
Lecture: Los Alamos: Robert Oppenheimer’s Greatest Legacy James W. Kunetka, Associate Vice President, University of Texas at Austin (retired), and author April 18, 2022 video
Lecture: MANHATTAN: The View from Los Alamos of History’s Most Secret Project  Alan B. Carr, Senior Historian, LANL April 4, 2022 video
Panel Discussion: Pajarito Plateau before the Manhattan Project Fraser Goff, Geologist, LANL (retired), Ali Livesay, Archaeologist, LANL, Tim Martinez, Cultural Resources Advisor, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Elliot Schultz, Historian of Science,  LANL March 21, 2022 video
Panel Discussion: There is No Planet B: A Call to Address Climate Change France A. Cordova, former Director National Science Foundation, Alexandra Jonko, Earth and Environmental Division, LANL, David Gutzler, Professor Emeritus, University of NM August 11, 2021 video
48th Oppenheimer Memorial Lecture: A Brief History of Black Holes: From Oppenheimer to LIGO Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne, Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus, Cornell University May 8, 2019 video
47th Oppenheimer Memorial Lecture: A Random Walk through Physics to the Nobel Prize Nobel Laureate J. Michael Kosterlitz, Harrison E. Farnsworth Professor of Physics,  Brown University October 28, 2018 video