Mission of J. Robert Oppenheimer Committee
To promote the memory and spirit of J. Robert Oppenheimer through annual lectures, scholarships, and other community activities.
Committee Members
The Committee consists of up to twenty-five members from various walks of life, some long-term residents of the area, others more recent, all dedicated to furthering the memory and spirit of J. Robert Oppenheimer.
Wendee Brunish
Vivien Chen
Damon Giovanielli
Galen Gisler
Christine Hazard
Hubert van Hecke
Leon Heller
Jeffrey Howell
David Izraelevitz (Vice-Chair)

Anna Llobet Megias
Carolyn Mangeng

Olga Martin
JJ Mortensen
Tom Ribe (Chair)
Jeanne Robinson
Sara Scott
Becky Shankland
James TenCate
Robert Thomsen (Secretary)
Mike Wheeler
Ron Wilkins (Treasurer)
Laura Wolfsberg